There is nothing that can make your kid happier than getting a special gift. Whether, this gift comes from you or from a beloved family member, the joy will be overwhelming. However, older kids might seem harder to impress with gift. This is a result of them growing up and developing their taste and preferences. Keuzehelper understands this fact and will help you find the perfect gift for kids of any ages. If you are about to buy a gift for a 12 years old boy or girl, you have to be really careful. Kids of 12 years old are beginning a new phase in life. They are almost teenagers. So, their preferences and priorities will be a lot different than they used to be.

  • Things to keep in mind when buying a gift for a 12 years old kid

There are many things to pay attention for if you are in the toy and gift market. It is not hard to find suitable items for 12 years old kids. However, you need to have at least an initial concept. This concept will prevent you from buying unnecessary or unsuitable items. Here are some of the most basic things to keep in mind when shopping for a gift for a 12 years old kid:

  • Suitability for mind abilities

Kids of 12 years old have developed many skills related to thinking, memory and analysis. So, you have to go for something that would challenge and test such skills. You can’t settle for a toy that would give a lame or stupid first impression on your girl or boy.

  • Avoid risk factors

Mothers and fathers have instinct to protect their kiddos no matter how old they are. So, typically you won’t choose an item that can endanger the safety of your kid. This means avoiding toys with sharp edges that may cut through their skins.

  • Go for group activities

Coordinating with a group and team work are essential skills for a 12 years old kid. They can earn such skills from their schools and playtime. You should encourage your kids to play with other mates. This will help their social skills and team working abilities.

  • It is fun to share the moment with the kid

There are certain toys that would interest the parents as well. Keuzehelper will assist you find a great selection of these toys. There are games and toys that require strategy developing and problem solving. These things appeal to both kids and grownups. Such toys will bring you closer to your kids. It will give you a chance to share some of their special moments.

  • Avoid confusing games

It is always great to test your kids’ intelligence and mental abilities through toys and games. However, you need to select the test level according to her/his age and mental readiness. If your kid ends up with a complicated or confusing game, they will be totally disappointed and might doubt themselves.

  • Ideas for gifts for 12 year old kids

Keuzehelper will spare you a lot of search and time waste. Going through its list for appropriate gifts will help you land the ideal item. Here are some of the best suggestion for the toys and gifts:

  • Stratego Original Board Game

This is one of the best selections that can bring kids and adults together. It is a strategy board game. There are two rival armies and they are supposed to dismantle each other. The first one to achieve the quest is the winner. The game is really thrilling and offers a great level of pleasure.

  • SES Metal construction set dino

The game’s name says it all. The toy is all about letting the players build the dinosaur. There are pieces and parts that the player must bring together to have her/his dinosaur. The toy come from SES. It comes with a wrench and a screwdriver to help the kids do the deed.

  • Clementoni Cyber Robot- Toy Robot

Robots are really cool options for gifts and toys. This item will give your kid a unique technological experience. The toy robot is made up of pieces that must come together. The kids can program and configure the robot through the assigned app. The app is available for free downloading and installation. Kids can run the app on smartphones or tablets. The robot features a Bluetooth function. Clementoni is the manufacturer of this toy.

  • Meccano ATV 15 Models- Construction toys

No one can resist the charm of meccano games. The toy consists of 260 metal parts. The kids will focus on finding a way to form the vehicle according to the guide. This item will give your kid the pleasure of building her/his own toys.

  • Top Model hand lettering set

This is a completely girly item. The product comes with all necessary items for hand lettering. So, your girl will have many samples, a pencil, a manual and a stencil. There are also markers brought along. The item comes from Depesche.

  • LOL surprise Board game

Another girly item that will make a 12 years old girl really happy. The game is all about LOL dolls and their special accessories. The game supports numerous players and sharing with family. This board game is a product of Spider Master. The game is packed with beloved characters and surprises for authentic fans. The game is also durable for a long time.