All about the game of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, popularly known as CoC, is a mobile strategy game developed by the Finnish game developer Supercell. Released on the Android platforms in 2013 and in IOS ones in 2012, the game is of freemium type and hence can be played by a user indefinitely without having to get charged for the subsequent playing. The game is set in a fictional world where the player is the chief of the village and he has to set up a village for his people by using the resources i.e. the gold coins and elixir provided to him or her. With the game’s fighting features, they can attack the villages of other players and loot their resources, while on the other hand need to protect their own village also from the attacks done over them. Hence,in a nutshell, this is a purely strategic game and helps in developing the analytical thinking of the player. Considered to be one of the best games of its types, this article discusses further on this.

The working of the game

Clash of Clans is a purely strategic game that involves proper planning and execution of the defense, attack,and wars of the village chief. There are basically two types of attacks in the game i.e. one-on-one wars and clan wars.

One-on-one wars: This includes the player getting allotted a random village to attack and then he uses his trained army to attack and loot the available resources from that village. He can earn a maximum of 3 stars from the attack; the first star is provided for destroying the Town Hall of the building, the second one for destroying 50 percent of the property and assets of the village and the third for complete 100 percent destruction of the village.

Clan wars: A clan is formed by a group of members who participate together in clan wars against other clans. This comprises of war preparation where the playing players for the war are decided and then the war phase where both the clans fight against each other and the one earning a maximum number of stars out of the battles wins the entire war. The same rules for earning stars apply too in the individual clan battles and a player is given only two chances to participate and attack in the entire war.

Apart from the attack strategy, the player also needs to defend his or her village from other attacks too by deploying the defense structures like cannons, wizard towers, archer towers, Town heroes and others such. The optimal strategic planning for defense ensures that the village stays safe in the majority of the attacks and can defend itself easily. The option of upgrades enhances the defending power of these units and hence strengthens the defense even further.

The driving resources of the game

There are basically four types of resources in the game- gold coins, elixir, dark elixir and jewels. These resources drive the entire village and aid in strengthening the defenses of the village. There are two methods of earning these resources:-

  • By setting up the various resource collectors that generate a fixed amount or volume in unit time. The further upgrades of the same increase the capacity of the generation of these and hence accordingly their storage spaces also increase eventually.
  • By attacking the other villages and looting them of their resources. The loot earned gets stored into the resource storages directly and the extra bonuses earned gets stored in the clan castle treasury.

The following are the functions of these resources:-

  • Gold coins are generally used for improving the defenses, upgrading the elixir collectors, maintaining the town hall and upgrading the same to the next higher levels. It is also used in paying the sum for searching of the village to be attacked.
  • Elixir is the primary component used for training of the troops and brewing of the spells. They get used to upgrade the units and spells in the research laboratory and also in upgrading the gold storages.
  • The dark elixir gets into action after Townhall 7 and is used only for the upgrading of the Village Heroes and creation of the dark elixir army.
  • Jewels are the different ones in the category as they do not have any collector or storage unit, nor can they be looted by an These are used generally to speed up the production of the collectors and complete any ongoing upgrade work at an instant.

Earning of the jewels

Jewels can be earned by either of the following ways:-

  • From the game by the natural methods like digging up the jewel boxes that appear once in a week. But this process is quite slow.
  • By purchasing them via the real money to be paid from the game account. This is an expensive affair and hence can be afforded by only a few players.

In order to fasten up the production of the various resources, a number of cheats and hacks have been developed. They allow the player to earn an added advantage over the other global players and hence earn loads of resources within a short time, rather than waiting for their natural production. These generally have the following properties:-

  • Cloud-based services to allow the device compatibility i.e. different versions of mobiles can use these codes easily without any issues.
  • These codes and hacks can be used easily from any corner of the world and are not bound by any location constraints.
  • They generally do not ask for any form of device rooting.

However, one needs to maintain a lot of precautions while searching for such websites. Some of them might provide outdated codes or malware ones that can infect the game account easily. Also, upon being caught by the game server, it might lead to a permanent ban on the account. Hence these factors need to be considered before looking for any such games codes websites.