Weapons are instruments capable of causing harm to other people, which is why they are prohibited, unless you form part of an organization that maintains public order. However, there is a sport in which non-lethal weapons are used as a way to practice strategy in a battlefield.

This sport or recreational sports activity is called airsoft. This is a game where people use air weapons that are not capable of causing significant damage to people, in order to develop battles that simulate real-life military situations and develop strategies for this type of situation.

This type of activity has become very popular in recent years, due to the fact that many young people consider this sport helps you to generate both physical and mental skills, that is to say, the skills necessary to defeat the opponents. This is one of the reasons why we can find websites specialized in the subject, such as airsoftmate.

In these pages you can find all the information you need to perform this activity in the most correct and safe way possible. One of the most important things in these pages is that they give you information so you can find the best weapons and you can buy the most suitable one for your needs. There are many models of weapons for airsoft, so a little information is never too much.

How to play airsoft?

Like all sports, the airsoft has rules that each player must follow in order to enjoy to the fullest and not cause any type of injury to the teammates. These rules are designed to ensure that the game develops correctly. Some of these rules that we can highlight are following:

  • All air weapons used in the game must be evaluated before starting the game. This is extremely important because the rules regulate the speed at which the projectile must be fired and in case of exceeding the allowed values, the weapon will be disqualified.
  • All players, without exception, should have protection on most of the body, especially on the face, making use of protective glasses and helmets.
  • Players must respect the minimum safety distances at the time of shooting. It is important to note that each player who has been shocked has to scream that he is eliminated, since the projectiles do not leave any mark that proves that an impact was received.
  • Shots are not allowed without a clear vision of the target, since blind shots lead to immediate expulsion. Nor can you shoot at secure areas established on battlefields.

These are some of the main rules that can be highlighted in this type of game. All these rules can be obtained in specialized pages on the topic how airsoftmate, where you can get information on the subject to not incur any of these rules.

What is the honor code?

In the airsoft game there is something called a code of honor, which each of the players must follow. But what is this? The projectiles fired by the air guns are usually small spheres of biodegradable materials, which do not leave any type of mark visible when hitting a player.

It is for this reason that there is no proof that a player was eliminated. In this sense, the honor code requires that each player be honest and say whether or not he was eliminated from the game. This is very important so that the game develops correctly and there is no type of inconvenience.

What game modalities are there?

This type of sport is a very versatile activity that has many variations where players participate individually or in groups. The most common games are played as a battle against all, that is to say, that the last person who is not eliminated wins.

There is also a very popular mode today, this is the historical mode. In this type of game the players are in charge of recreating important wars in the history of humanity, among which the Second World War stands out. In this game, the most important thing is to be as successful as possible to the story.

It is because of this that replicas of real weapons used in that period of time are used. These weapons are designed specifically to look and function as they did during the set time periods, making the game as real as possible.To get information on what is the best weapon you can use in these situations, you can visit pages such as airsoftmate that offer reviews on this type of objects.

There are also airsoft modalities where players are responsible for conducting a military simulation as realistic as possible. In this modality players use real strategies and techniques, accompanied by replicas of military weapons, usually following some kind of elaborated script where there is a specific objective.

Are air weapons safe?

This is the most common question people ask when they know this activity. Air weapons are considered very safe, since their design prevents them from being used as real weapons. It should be noted that the projectiles used in this activity are spheres of soft materials, which only leave marks or welts on the body when these projectiles hit an area without protection. In addition to this, all weapons of this type must be checked before any airsoft game.

In pages such as airsoftmate you can find what are some of the characteristics that these weapons must meet, such as having an orange ribbon that identifies them. In this way you will know all the features, benefits and cons of using specific weapons for each modality.