Buying a watch as a gift is a milestone for the one receiving it. Watches are thoughtful and one of the most cherished gifts as they will be worn regularly for years to come. Possibly even left in the family to go down the line as it gets passed on by generation. The one wearing it will know the story of this luxury watch and how much it means to them. So that being said, how do you know which style, colour, features, and size to get? There are amazing classic style watches that you just cannot go wrong with. Make sure, that you read the luxury watches reviews for more information and then based on that go in for something.

  1. Audermars Piguet

Audermars Piguet has a large selection of classic looking watches. The Royal Oak Chronograph watch is a marvelous example of a classic modern style. The special edition watch has a hand stitched brown strap made from alligator. The 18 carats brushed rose gold casing is 41 MM and the dial is brown with “Grande Tapisserie” pattern. The hands are having a luminescent coating over the Royal Oak, and the hour markers are raised gold. The watch displays hours, minutes, small seconds, date and chronograph. Make sure, that you make use of luxury watches reviews.

  1. Breitling

Breitling makes remarkable luxury watches that are known for durability, style, and functionality. The SuperOcean Heritage II B01 comes with a black rubber band or a steel mesh band, and the 44 mm dial comes in different colour combinations. This watch is sturdy and ready to be there with you on any adventure. It has a power reserve of 70 hours and it is a self winding watch. If buying this for a gift you can always find out their favorite color combo or you could purchase them what you think would look best on them.

  1. Glashuette Original

The ever so popular Pano series made by Glashuette is definitely a most loved piece for those who have it. The PanoMaticLunar has the ability to capture the moon and stars, and show case it on the face. The case is made from 18 carats rose gold and the bottom is made from sapphire crystal to give it a different shape. The strap is made from black alligator leather, he dials is galvanized silver fine matt and the markers are rose gold. This luxury watch displays the date, time, and moon phase. There are lots of people who are not reading the luxury watches reviews and then they regret later and that is the last thing you want. If you want to really find something good, then go in for a good product after research.

  1. Hublot

Hublot has a line called Classic Fusion, and there are so many classic styles with a twist of modern fashion. The limited edition Chronograph Juventus watch has a black sun-ray satin finished dial surrounded by black titanium and carbon fiber bezel and cased in by satin finished black ceramic. The silver inner dials match the silver number markers as well as Hublot symbol. This watch is classic, masculine and will stay trendy year after year.

The heavy Bimetal look:

A staple of the 1980s, two tone designs had phased out of the market due to the influx of casual elements into the forma l watch market. But this year, brands are getting bi-curious again. Bimetal watches exude strong corporate office vibes. Rolex, the brand that brought forth this style into the market has got in on the act, giving the Sky Dweller series a revamp of gold streak through the bracelet.

Going Green:

Blue dials have maintained a stronghold on the watch world’s color wheel for quite many years. The table is now turning in favor of green hues. One of the simple reasons for including this color is that it signifies money. So even if the price tag doesn’t require much, if deployed correctly, it can add a much needed lift to a look. Green compliments well with gold, brown leather hues as well as with the evergreen black colored straps.

Return of the Quartz watch:

Quartz watches have undergone a lot of refurbishment in the last decade. Today, they have become a formidable competitor in the luxury watch market. It is available in detachable versions, so it is not only limited to a wristwatch. If you are looking for more quirky designs, companies like Kick starter offer designs where time is displayed using circular discs that rotate past each other.

These are just a few examples of watches you will find in this category. There are so many out there so take a look around, however, keep in mind that you simply cannot go wrong with one of the four luxury watches listed above.