Guest posting is a fantastic way to get more clicks for your site without doing the hard work of creating content. This helps in building more readerships and getting the clicks you need. To have guest posts you need to prove to writers your website is worth posting for, so in that sense, you do need to do some hard work. Make sure, that you visit website like and that will help you to get the job done.

Build Your Readership First

This part is the hardest, you will have to build your website to have constant readership if you want other people to write for you. Especially if you want them to write for you for free.
You will need to do the content yourself at first unless you are willing to pay. There are ways to get content for cheap from freelancers if you’re that kind of person. You can use people’s need for exposure to your advantage but this is an ethical grey area, it all depends on what you’re willing to do for clicks. Make sure, that you go in for a a quality product and go in for professional help from, which will guide you in the right way.

Make A Guest Post Page

Once you’ve built a solid readership you can start to look for bloggers. Make a section of your website dedicated to the guidelines you are looking for. Be very clear and concise or you’ll get illiterate e-mails. Even when you do, be prepared for a lot of bad writing. Make sure you read it all, no matter how annoying it may be. Shift through the bad ones and you’ll find the good. But how do you get good writers to apply for your guest posts?

Offer Benefits to The Writers

Mention how many views their article will get if they write for you. If you can afford to pay – do so, you will get really good writers if you pay for the content If you still can’t do so, offer links to their sites, social media and anything you can think of that will benefit your writer as well. You want happy writers because if you get a good writer to come back to you, a lot of your work will be done for you. That’s the dream right there.

Be Picky and Know What You Want

Look for good pitches, people that took the time to read your website. These writers will take the time to write a good guest post for you as well. Make sure they have sample writing and that they are using common sense and getting to the point right away. Look for people that made sure their pitches are grammatically correct, concise and respectful. Of course, even the best pitch can be just a good trailer for a terrible person, but a bad pitch just shows the lack of motivation. Keep in mind, that you go in for something very good like

Guest posts are a reflection of your website, your name and your ideas so make sure you get good, quality writers to write for you because a thousand good ones can be undone by one bad one. Better make sure to filter really well before. Clean up is a lot harder than prevention.


If you want communication throughout the writing process then specify to your writer you want to be informed on milestones. They can then give you outlines, first drafts and whatever else you need while they are writing. You can then have the insight on their discipline. Are they constantly late with milestones? Are they making excuses? These are things to stay away from, The excuses are a lazy mans lies to themselves why something could not be done. Don’t be inhumane – sometimes bad things happen, but this can be a thing that happens once. Not every week.


Finally, you want a writer that is willing to change things if you ask, that is open to criticism and wants to make his articles better for the sake of everyone. You can get a talented writer that will write you a masterpiece when he feels like it but their ego will be hurt by any little suggestion, any little attempt of suggestions. You’ll have a diva on your hands, and that kind of behaviour gets old quick.
Or, you can have a good writer that will listen to what you have to say, change things when needed, respect deadlines, work with your style and always send things in on time. Hard work will beat talent if the talent is a spoiled brat. Your life will be so much easier with a hard-working writer than just a talented one.