There are different types of lawn mowers. We have the electric lawn mowers, the gas lawn mowers among other types of mowers. Each type of mower has their own advantages and also the disadvantages. Lawnmowers are commonly used in landscaping making them part of our daily lives. Because there are different types of lawn mowers, selecting the best is wise. To do that, you should be able to consider different features. This will not only help in selecting the best lawn mower but also the right lawn mower for your landscaping. Below are some of the things that you must consider when selecting your lawn mower?

The price

Different lawn mowers have different prices. For example, you cannot expect a gas lawn mower to cost the same as the electric lawn mower. The costs are also different depending on how sophisticated the equipment can be. Choosing good electric lawn mower will also mean that you go by your budget. You cannot simply choose a lawn mower that cannot fit within your budget. As much as different lawn mowers have different pricing, the choice remains to the buyer. Different customers have different budgets for mowers making the price a personal decision.

The weight of the lawn mower

Weight is a very important factor to consider. This is because different lawns have different characteristics. Each characteristic can affect the weight of a mower to be used. For example, if your lawn is hilly or not flat, you might consider a lighter mower. This is because it might be hectic moving the mower around when it is that heavy. The weight of the mower also dictates how you can easily maneuver when landscaping. It is very important to ask for recommendations about an appropriate weight for your type of lawn.


Different lawn mowers have a different source of power. There are those ones that use electric and those ones that use gas. It is very important if you consider selecting an electric mower that best suits your power needs. If you are using electric lawn mowers, it is best to invest in a good electric lawn mower. That way you will not have to spend too much electricity during your landscaping. Also, if you are using the gas mower, it is also wise if you select one that does not use a lot of gas. That way, you will help save a lot and also avoid straining.

Safety features

When selecting a lawn mower, remember your safety first. There is no need of possessing equipment that will later put your life in jeopardy. It is very important if one reads through the features of the equipment very well. Identify how you can stay safe while using the equipment. Each and every lawn mower has their safety features. At least select one that you are sure it is ok to use and one that is much safer. So many people get hurt or injured with lawn mowers. This is to say, it is always good to be extra keen when selecting a mower. Therefore safety features such as blade-shutoff switch should be considered.

The size of the lawn

Different types of lawn mowers are meant for different sizes of lawn. It is very simple, if your lawn is very big and wide, you will definitely be needing a riding mower. A self-propelled mower can also work very well in such cases.


Each and every equipment needs to be maintained in one way or another. You cannot simply use equipment and dump it after using. If you do that, you might end up losing the equipment faster than you think. That’s why it is very important if you consider the maintenance of the equipment before making the purchase. Some are very easy to maintain while others are difficult to maintain. Some of the maintenance tips include making sure that the mower cutting blades are sharp, keep it clean and also keep them safe.

Environmental friendly

There are lawn mowers that pollute the environment more than others. For example, the gas-powered lawn mowers are known to be polluting the environment more than the electric lawn mowers. Therefore, apart from considering the price features and the maintenance of the mower, at least make sure that the mower is environmentally friendly.


There is no need to have a lawn mower that you cannot handle or you might end up not using it at all. To be on a safer side, at least make sure that you can easily handle and operate the mower. It should be easy to use, easy to start and easy to navigate. When it comes to shutting down, you must also be able to shut it. Without being able to maneuver with the mower easily, you might end up doing shoddy work.

Clipping disposal

Different types of mowers have different ways of disposing of clipping. A good lawn mower should be the one that can easily get rid of the clipping. Therefore, mulching movers are the ones loved by many due to their clipping disposing nature. Some make the clipping disappear while some just have a special way of disposing of the clipping. Either way, always make sure that you have chosen equipment that will never give you hard time when it comes to disposing clipping. You can simply check the features of the mower to know the clipping nature.